Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair

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   Ideal for repairing all minor damage to windshields such as “bulls-eye” cracks, star shaped cracks, long cracks, half-moons, etc.

   Excellent ability to penetrate cracked glass.

   No mixing or heat needed.

   Safe and easy to use.

   Very economical: one bottle can repair up to 30 impacts.

   Money-back guarantee.


•   Thoroughly clean the area of the windshield around the crack. Make sure there are no debris or dirt.

•   Completely dry the surface.

•   Carefully apply the product into the crack. Try to fill the entire length of the crack as evenly as possible.

•   Let the product completely infiltrate into the crack.

•   Let the product dry. If a UV lamp is available, use it to accelerate the hardening. Otherwise, place the vehicle in direct sunlight.

•   The hardening time may vary; it is advisable to leave the vehicle in the sun for several hours.

•   Once the product is completely dry and hardened, use very fine sandpaper or a razor blade to remove excess material.

•   Gently polish the area to restore clarity.