Tank Sealer

Tank Sealer

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   Creates a perfect seal in the tank.

   Very easy to use.

   Suitable for all tank sizes.

  Effectively protects against the reappearance of rust. 

  Forms a perfect seal to the tank. 

   No chipping or other issues.

   Very economical. 

   Money-back guarantee.


• Ensure the tank is empty and let it ventilate to dissipate fuel vapors.

• Thoroughly clean the area around the leak. The surface must be free from grease, dirt, and rust to ensure good adhesion.

• Apply the product to the area where the leak is located. Make sure to cover the area evenly.

• Let the product air dry. Drying time may vary depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment.

• Using a hairdryer can accelerate the drying process, but it must be used with caution. Keep the hairdryer at a safe distance and use a low-temperature setting to avoid overheating the area, which could damage the tank.

• Once the product is completely dry and hardened, check the repair by partially filling the tank and monitoring the repaired area for any leaks.